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GOBRA Cancer Awareness Trail Ride

Take Up And Hold The Reins Of Life

Thank You For Visiting!

People ask about how we got started and what we do so here is a little about us.

GOBRA was started as a way to bring help to families fighting the battle with Cancer.

We all love the horse world so GOBRA decided to hold a trail ride with the funds going to help cancer patients to get to and from much needed appointments.

The trail ride is our biggest fund raiser of the year. Held the third weekend in September, the dates may very, but the weekend stays the same.

Dry camping is available, as we have a water trough for our horses. It is no longer plumbed for fresh water.

    This year along with the annual trail ride, we will have a 50/50 poker hand.

Silent auction, Raffles, live music, BBQ,

We started a Care Closet in 2013. This is where we receive donated durable medical equipment and we clean and repair it. It is then loaned out to those in need who cannot afford to purchase the equipment on their own. This is usually people who are being released from the hospital and may need a walker or wheelchair for a few weeks to a few months. When they are done the equipment is returned. At the Care Closet we also carry a line of briefs for those who need them.

We help an average over 115 people per year through hospice, St. Charles, Seniors and Disabled and Mosaic Medical here in Prineville.